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AccuView Imaging provides medical imaging systems. Our business specializes in the manufacturing and selling of a proprietary solution for obtaining and managing and managing high-quality digital images of the entire skin surface. We provide a web based archiving and viewing solution for the medical industry. For more information please visit www.accuviewimaging.com

We combined the feedback and ideas by doctors and incorporated 5 years of image research and development Often technology companies over build with confusing operating systems with an abundance of puzzling tabs to do things, no one really needs or uses. At AccuView Imagining we have taken a much simpler approach. The KISS system seemed to have worked very well for the Apple i-pad and we have chosen the same philosophy.  AccuView is quite simply the easiest system in the aesthetic industry to take consistent and quality images for comparing your patients before and after procedures. We have taken the input of physicians in order to design the features.

Not only will the AccuView system work well for your before and after imaging, it works great for Total Body Photography as well. We have combined three competive units in one small package. And all for a Great Low Price.

Jim Stouffer CEO/Founder
O: 970-870-7945
C: 970-846-6060
F: 970-692-2207


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